Switching to Solar

Switching to Solar

While everyone’s experience is a little different, there is a relatively standard series of steps you will go through when getting solar panel installation on your Baton Rouge home or business.

When you have personally considered your options and came to the money-saving conclusion to switch to solar energy through us, you will have to take a step or two to get in contact for your free estimate and consultation. These can be done either over the phone by calling (225) 424-8826 or by filling out the contact form which can be found on every page on this website.

Once we’re in contact, we will discuss the details of your solar energy wants and needs and provide you with the estimate. From there, it’s up to you on whether you want to make a switch and we will not pressure you while you make the decision.

After letting us know that you would definitely like to save money on your monthly energy costs, you will meet up with one of our certified solar experts and choose your paneling layout options. We will then handle all of the necessary paperwork with the city in regards to permits as well as help get your utility metering changed as is required by most power companies when installing photovoltaic panels.

With the documentation and permits handled, we will schedule a day to come and install your new solar panels. And, yes, installation will only take a single day, which you can plan to be around for or allow us to complete without you around – it’s your choice. The reason we can install panels faster than other solar installation companies in the area is because our technicians are both fully certified and highly experienced: We’re alternative energy experts and engineers who’ve perfected the method.

From then on, you will be generating your own electricity through sunlight and saving a significant amount of money on your monthly costs. We’ve made this all as easy as possible for you, you now just need to take the first step and reach out to us.


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