Stop Relying on the Grid

Power Lines

Even if you’re not all that interested in saving cash on your monthly bills, that’s not the only reason worthy of consideration when thinking about solar panel installation for your business or home in Baton Rouge.

With no real competition to Entergy in the area, there is absolutely no reason for them to actually attempt to lower their costs or, more importantly for those of us who live in the area, the rates that we are forced to pay for something that’s needed by everyone. Even if you don’t have a single electrical item in your home, anyone you interact with and the city you live in thrive on using electricity. I’ll give you one guess as to who’s getting paid to power our traffic lights, service buildings, government structures or anything else that gets touched at night by a street lamp.

Even beyond the lack of a widespread competitive entity, the market as a whole lets energy companies enjoy all the benefits that come with minimal regulation and effectively zero transparency. And since the late 1990s, the privatization of energy distribution means that there’s no public accountability. Not only does this mean your energy provider can raise their rates whenever they want, but they don’t even have to explain to anyone why the prices are going up.

Having access to solar power helps everyone even the playing field, even those who don’t, or can’t, get them installed. The mere existence of companies like ours means the power companies need to keep their rates at least somewhat manageable. However, and as you have likely noticed, they still continue to increase rates annually.

On the other hand, any monthly payment toward your solar panel installation will remain exactly the same over the life of the system. And, with the federal and state rebates available right now, you’re looking at saving hundreds every year on your utility payments. When you’re ready to exercise your freedom of choice by going solar, contact us immediately and we’ll show you even more ways solar is the right choice for you.


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