Solar Panels

solarpanelsinstalledWhy choose Solar Energy?

As we all know that the needs of the those of us in Baton Rouge are increasing each day with the rapid growth in technology. This has led to the depletion of many resources, including fossil fuels and other forms of burnable energy. Solar equipment has turned out to be a light at the end of the tunnel, to use a particularly poignant phrase in this case. Previously, solar panels were out of reach for most people due to a high cost. But now, the same solar energy systems have cut costs to make maximum use of the abundant natural sunlight. Its recent reduction of cost has turned out to be a great feature for Baton Rouge residents.

Our system works better!

We have come up with new technologies where panels are arranged parallel to each other with a micro-inverter setup under each panel. The old pattern of arranging the solar panels in series was turned out to be problematic which lead them to deactivate even if there is a shade on one panel. But the new arrangement pattern works efficiently even if one panel is shaded. The parallel panels are independent and produce their own A/C power. Instead of going to the mono-inverter, the wire directly reaches electric panel.

How does Solar Energy Conversion work?

Conversion of solar energy to electric energy is the basic principal of solar panels. The entire setup of a solar energy system is either mounted on the top of your roof or in the open space like ground. It has a meter which keeps track on how much electricity is produced and how much is utilized. During the daytime, because of the presence of excessive sunlight, the total amount of electricity produced will significantly higher. Similarly during night the production will be less.

The excessive energy produced is stored in the utility grid which is made available during the night when energy production stops. A monthly bill will be produced showing production and utilization of energy. The electricity generated also depends on the size of the panel. Solar panels help to reduce or even eliminate the problem of an excessively high electricity bill.

Affordable rates of solar panels

With the help of Federal solar investment tax credits, 30% of the total cost of solar system can be regained as tax credit. This step has turned to be beneficial.

       So, opt for solar energy systems and enjoy free electricity for the rest of your life…