Solar for Business


These days, it’s almost common to spot solar panels on Baton Rouge’s residential properties. Individual homeowners understand the savings and electrical freedom that comes with using solar energy. What’s much rarer is seeing solar panel installation for businesses in the city, which means many companies are simply throwing money away.

When you take into account that businesses often operate nearly exclusively during daylight hours, they’re missing a substantial opportunity to pay significantly less each month for electricity they’re going to pay for no matter what. Honestly, the only businesses that shouldn’t be using solar power are those who’re trying to sell some other form of alternative energy (but even then they’d be saving more by switching to solar over another form of viable energy production).

There’s something else that solar power has going for it that other forms of alternative energy can’t come near to competing with: Visibility. No matter your personal opinion on whether solar panels are pleasing to the eye or not, their presence on a company’s building will reel in more customers or clients.

The reason it draws in new business is twofold. First, and what may seem somewhat obvious, is that Baton Rouge’s more environmentally conscious residents will be drawn to what they view as a like-minded company. Second, people will view your company as one who is concerned about the state of your community by your willingness to support an energy source that doesn’t directly pollute the surrounding area.

All in all, any business owner who has the authority to make structural decisions should be making the move to solar energy. In one fell swoop, you can lower your monthly operating costs, attract new clients, make your company more self-reliant and lessen your impact on the environment. When all this is combined with the fact that there are some truly incredible federal and state incentives for businesses that switch to solar energy as well as a number of attractive financing options, the switch to solar is one of the easiest choices you will ever make.


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