We here at One Solar do a whole lot more than just install solar panels for regular home use. There are many options available for those looking to save money or get systems running at peak efficiency, and this services list explains many of the issues you might encounter that will will diagnose and repair. If there is another solar product or service you need, give us a call at (225) 424-8826: We have the best solar solutions in all of Baton Rouge.

Solar Panel Repair

Whether it’s from overly harsh weather conditions, poor installation practices from another solar panel installation company or for any other reason, our technicians can get a malfunctioning or damaged solar panel array back up and running in no time.

Water Heaters

For the best in certified Baton Rouge solar water heater installation and repair, look no further than One Solar. Our technicians have the experience to fix your water heater the first time around and efficient to the point that you won’t waste a whole day waiting for us to arrive or get the job done.

Pool Heating Systems

By far the premier option in keeping a pool warm year round, solar pool heaters have a net zero operation cost and let you comfortably go swimming no matter the season. Likewise, the lack of emissions through their use make them that much more attractive overall.

Electric Systems

For any possible issues you encounter with a solar system that has been installed in your home, we can get it fixed in no time at all. With affordable rates and many different services available to you, One Solar is the ideal solar solution to your energy needs.

Solar Attic Fans

While attic fans alone help keep energy costs pretty low due to their already cooling nature, installing one that runs on solar power will save homeowners money through a number of different angles.