Know Solar

Tax Incentives

Want to learn more about the amazing tax rebates available for a Baton Rouge solar panel installation? This article covers discusses the state and federal rebate programs that are available to customers living in the area and shows how much can be earned back in potential tax refunds.


How Solar Works

If you are looking for something a little more in-depth than “solar panels turn sunlight into electricity,” this is the article for you. Find out how silicon, phosphorus and boron work together in a deceptively simple way to turn the sun’s photons into power for all the electrical items in your home or business.


Solar for Business

Although the cost-saving benefits of installing photovoltaic paneling atop your business are assuredly worthwhile, there are a few more reasons that companies should consider adding solar as an asset. For example, did you know that the panels themselves work as their own structural marketing tool that will attract new customers? Read this article to find out how.


Switching to Solar

While we understand that deciding to go from traditional utilities to solar energy might seem like a big step to take, we have done everything in our power to make the transition as easy and painless as possible for you. This article offers a detailed breakdown of exactly what you can expect to encounter during the solar installation process from the moment you first call us to the day you stop relying wholly on the electric company.


Stop Relying on the Grid

Traditional power companies can get away with some pretty questionable practices, most of which rely on the fact that they do not have to deal with any kind of widespread competition in a given area. Since you now have the option to generate your own power directly from sunlight, you can stop relying on these businesses and even help keep the power bill lower for the rest of your Baton Rouge neighbors.