About Solar One

onesolaraboutOne Solar is the leading figure in the solar installation and solutions industry in Baton Rouge and has been for the past several years. We are experts in photovoltaic panel installation and specialize in providing solar products and services. We’ve come a long way and have access to all the latest engineering equipment and facilities. This means that we have the best and latest solar products and can make sure that lives of other people are made easier through our services.

We aim to channel out all the latest solar products to households and businesses in order to improve our market participation, and also to improve the living standards of people in Baton Rouge.

One Solar does not miss out on any educational opportunities that have the potential to inform the company about new competition in the industry in the form of new products that are focused at the consumers. It is our mission to stay up to date with the market. The main reason why One Solar is in this field of providing solar energy to consumers is because of its bright future.

Not only is this market profitable, but it is also one of the most genuine solutions to the energy crisis that the world is in at the moment.

It is our duty to look for alternative sources of energy so that we can contribute towards this world by using environmentally friendly products. One Solar has taken an initiative to prevent depletion of further non-renewable resources by offering the people an alternative solution and perspective that is solar energy.

We have assumed a leading role in the market to offer solar energy to the households and businesses that intend to adopt a way through which they can not only bring a stop to the gradual death of this world, but we also reduce personal expenses caused by high utility bills. One Solar has taken services of some of the best employees, technicians and experts who aim to solve problems of the consumers instantly so that they’re always thoroughly satisfied after engaging with us.

If you want to know more about our products and services or want to give us feedback, don’t hesitate to call us at (225) 424-8826.